End Zone 303 KB
There's a new drug on the streets of Cascade and the death of a football star brings Jim and Blair closer to the power behind the pipeline. Things get interesting when Jim discovers a good friend working for the bad guys.

Return to Alone 30 KB
What if Blair had died at the fountain in Sentinel, Too? This is how I think Jim would have dealed with that loss.

Killers: Yet another alternate ending 52 KBb
What would have happened if Juno had gone after Blair instead of Beverly?

Sentinel's Companion 247 KB
Much to Jim's displeasure, Blair has left Cascade in an attempt to process the events surrounding his dissertation. When Jim is finally fed up with the nonsense in Cascade, he takes off as well, only to discover that a familiar spotted jaguar is hunting a certain gray wolf. And Blair is all alone…


Co-written With Sue

3 Way Mirror 240 KB
Following the events of Sentinel, Too, Jim and Blair get a visit from a concerned friend who helps them gain perspective on a puzzling case as well as their own relationship.

Soul Eaters 167 KB
Synopsis: After the events of Blind Man's Bluff, Jim and Blair go on a vacation in the Northern Cascades; only, as usual, the vacation doesn't go as planned and Blair suddenly finds himself the only person able to save Jim's life…and soul.