Breaking Point 11 KB
Epilogue to 3-Point Shot.

Boldly Going 31 KB
The guys go undercover.

Not His Night 6 KB
Jim can't sleep.

What's in a Name? 16 KB
The Major Crime team investigates the mystery of Rafe's first name.

Thoughts 9 KB
Jim, Blair and Naomi thinking about each other.

Corners of His Mind 83 KB
Blair has an accident that causes amnesia, but what did he witness that made him run into a car?

Alas, Poor Fargo 26 KB
Jim and the Fargo Hat have a 'special' relationship. Anything more would spoil it.

A Man of Action 11 KB
Epilogue to The Debt.

Lord of the Drunks 19 KB
Jim, a few old friends and too much beer.

Lord of the Drunks 2 24 KB
Sequel to Lord of the Drunks.

Instincts 12 KB
After Sierra Verde, Jim's instincts take over.

Shadows from the Past 27 KB
Someone from Blair's past comes back to haunt him

Necessity 6 KB
Jim has a gift for Blair.

An Early Test 7 KB
Pre-The Debt, Blair comes to the loft to give Jim a test.

Brothers 13 KB
The relationship between Jim and Steven is still strained.

A Good Old Day Out 10 KB
Leesa posted a challenge on Cascade Times, asking for anyone to write a fic where the guys went on a weird holiday.'s my answer.

The Marker Pen 6 KB
Basically, Jim + marker pen = trouble.

Letting Go 8 KB
It's Halloween and the end of a bad case.

The Chains That Bind 9 KB
Missing scene for Cypher.

Double Dating 10 KB
Jim had a bad day, but Blair's was worse.

Laying Siege 42 KB
AU epilogue to Siege.

Straberry Fields Forever 6 KB  NEW
AU epilogue to Siege.



Mosaic Trilogy:

Mosaic 1 - Sense Memories 8 KB
Jim thinks.

Mosaic 2 - Scenting Sandburg 5 KB
Blair thinks.

Mosaic 3 - Making Sense 6 KB
They talk.


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