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As the sole survivor of a helicopter crash in the Peruvian jungle, U.S.Army ranger James Ellison is stranded and comes to live with the native Chopec-tribe. During this time, he developes enhanced senses allowing him to see, hear, smell, feel and taste things far better than normal humans can.

After 18 months, he is rescued and returns to civilization. He suppresses his senses and leaves the army to join the Cascade PD.

Five years after his rescue, now a detective with the Major Crime division, he is working a stakeout when his heightened senses suddenly return.

Having forgotten about them, he has no idea what he is dealing with. In his desperate search for an explantion he meets grad student Blair Sandburg who is working on his thesis about sentinels and explains the concept to him. In exchange for getting help to control his senses, Ellison reluctantly agrees to be Blair's thesis object and to get him on the police force as a police observer.

Blair Sandburg is an anthropology grad student who is working on his thesis about sentinels, always searching for the 'real thing': a modern day sentinel. As he learns about James Ellison he is ecstatic.

He relishes the chance to team up with the detective to help him harness the power of his senses...despite the duo's pronounced clash in personalities.

Blair's physical presence contrasts with Ellison on every level. He's a younger, edgier, counter-culture character. Humorous and likable, Sandburg exudes the keen intelligence of a dedicated scholar.

Over the course of time they become friends and as Blair's home blows up, he even moves in with Ellison.

Blair Info
Simon Info Captain Simon Banks is Ellison's superior officer. Although he is a senior officer in the department, he is considerably more at home in the field, particularly when the action intensifies. Though initially skeptical of Ellison's powers, Banks comes to respect them as a valuable asset in the fight against crime, and although he doesn't like it, he enlistens Sandburg as a police observer on the force so Ellison has the help he needs.

In the beginning he resents Sandburg's involvement with the police but as time passes he developes a grudging respect for the unconventionell grad student.