Note: The Keepership-pages were originally maintained by Sphinx. Since Sphinx is not longer in the fandom, she passed over the responsibility for the pages.

Thank you Sphinx for such a nice idea.

Please read these rules BEFORE requesting any item related to Jim and/or Blair!!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with keeping, but for those who don't know -- being a Keeper means that you look after the requested item. It does *not* mean you own it! Jim and Blair are the only ones who truly own the items. These keeper lists exist to show our love of the show and its characters, so please be civil to other fans/keepers.

To become a Keeper:

Email me at starfox(at)wolfpanther.com to request your item/s. The subject line *must* include the words "Keeper Request" in it. Don't forget or your mail will be lost in the rest of the stuff I receive from my many mailing lists. Do NOT request onlist (Sentries,Cascade Times, Guardians, Sentinelangst or any of the others).

Rules for the Jim and Blair Keeper Lists:

The rules are simple and straight-forward:

1) Please check the character list to see whether or not what you're requesting is already being kept *before* emailing me. You can comfortably use the search function in your browser to search for keywords. I'm often getting keeper requests for items that are already kept and to be honest; I'm getting tired of it.

This will save me (and you) a lot of time. I will update the lists every couple of days (or as time permits).

2) The maximum number of items you can request over both keeper lists is THREE! Otherwise there will be nothing left for anyone else! There are no restrictions as to which character the three are for (only Jim; only Blair; or both).

3) Items will be assigned on a "first come, first served" basis. I'll probably rely on the time stamps on the emails - so get in fast!

4) Keepership of Jim or Blair themselves, their body parts, their hearts, family, friends, ex-girlfriends, pets..etc..is NOT allowed. The body parts belong to the actors themselves so though we'd all like to claim them we can't! That goes for Jim's Sentinel abilities too - they are NOT up for Keepership. Stick to items/situations/feelings..etc..

5) You cannot claim anything that hasn't appeared in the episodes. (Sorry slashers!) It also means that you cannot claim anything you've *heard* will appear on The Sentinel. The episodes must have aired. 

Keepership Certificates:

Once your request has been acknowledged, granted and added to the respective Keeper list, you will receive a Certificate of Keepership jpeg (45 K) via email. If your mail system cannot support attachments of a jpeg nature, please tell me in your initial Keeper Request and we'll work something out. Many thanks to Nancy Reed for the idea and to Laura (Mrs. Fish) for the words! :)

Keepership Pics for your Webpage:

You also have the option of having an "Official Keeper" pic (there are separate ones for Jim and Blair) to put on your webpage. I only ask that you link the pic back to this page. Please tell me in your email request if you would like to be sent the webpage pic/s along with the keepership certificates. Thanks to Laura (Mrs. Fish) for the idea and the pics! :)

To stop being a Keeper:

Email me at starfox(at)wolfpanther.com and tell me what item/s you no longer want to keep. I will then remove you from the appropriate list. Once removed, you are free to make a new choice of item/s.

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