Making The Guide Y2K Compliant 27 KB
Blair behaves oddly and it's up to Jim to figure out why.

Alternative - The Same 44 KB
AU-story. What would happen if the boys would meet under different cricumstances?

The New Assignment 62 KB
Brackett and Alex are back.

Purpose 65 KB
Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Protecting the Light 65 KB
Crossover with B:TVS. Faith visits Cascade.

Conquering the Spirit World 92 KB
Crossover with First Wave: Cade needs to protect the 'holy man'.

Introductions 25 KB
Missing scene to Remembrance.

Do Over 127 KB;
What can I say? The best time of a relationship is in the beginning. When you learn to enjoy the discovery of the person who freely chooses to discover you. So here we go...

Blessed Protector 21 KB;
This is a story on how I think Jim and Blair became more permanent roommates.

A Ghost No Longer 14 KB
This is just a piece of candy corn type story. Heavy on the smarm and low on the owies.

Slaying The Charmed Sentinel's Guide 87 KB
This is a three-way crossover, which includes characters from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', 'Charmed' and my personal faves, 'The Sentinel'. 

Reaching Out 70 KB
Warning: This AU story is mostly angst and a bit talkative, so if you'd rather read a story that has more action - you have been duly informed. 

Sorting Out the Future 112 KB
WARNING: This story deals with rape and the aftermath of rape. Although there's nothing too graphic, you shouldn't read it if that bothers you. 



The Steps Universe

Steps 144 KB
Jim and Blair meet in a very different way (AU).

Steps 2 67 KB
Second story in the Steps Universe.

Steps 3 62 KB
Third story in the Steps Universe.

Steps 4 75 KB
Fourth story in the Steps Universe.

Steps 5 87 KB
Fifth story in the Steps Universe.

Steps 6 69 KB
Sixth story in the Steps Universe.



The SENTI-ONE Universe

Two Parts of the Whole 138 KB 
What would happen to clones if we started to create them? What would happen when we tire of the 'fad'? What would happen to those no longer wanted?

Developing A New Connection 91 KB
Jim and Blair have to deal with their new situation and outside forces that don't like the path they're going.

New Avenues to Connect 83 KB
A murder and a terrorist cause problems.


Series: The Steps Universe
AU: The Senti-One Universe
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