The Settlement 8 KB
Epilogue to TSbyBS.

A Bird in the Nest 7 KB
Unusual visitors come to the loft.

Intoxicated 5 KB
Blair's drunk, silliness ensues.

Thoughts on the Plane Home 3 KB
After Sentinel, Too part 2. Blair's POV.

Crash 34 KB
Jim's away and Blair's Volvo goes off the road but Blair isn't driving.

Charity Shenanigans 2 KB
A short bit of humour. Blair tries to get Jim to do something for charity.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 3 KB
Blair and the green cheese. Just a bit of silliness.

Wanted - A Good Home 2 KB
What has followed Blair home? Major Silliness.

Early in the Morning 2 KB
Just a bit of fluff with Blair and Jim.

A Picture of Blair 2 KB
A piece of prose based on a painting of Blair.

Bang! Holy Grail Time! 4 KB
Blair's POV. Some early missing bits from The Switchman.

Present Time 7 KB
Short bit of Christmas fun with Jim and Blair.

Fall Out 6 KB
Post Vanishing Act. Blair's POV.  He's in trouble with Sam - again!

Another Friend Lost 4 KB
Post Sweet Science. Blair's POV. Angst alert!

Agony of De Feet 12 KB
Jim and Blair are out hiking - you'd think they'd know better than that by now!

Lash Is Dead 3 KB
Cypher Epilogue.

The Kid 43 KB
AU. A 14 year old runaway boy is in need of help, and finds it.



The Friendship Series

Ask No Questions, Take No Side 61 KB
Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis. Rodney McKay visits his old friend Blair, and his friend Jim, in Cascade. John Sheppard decides to tag along. Just a bit of fluff and angst set years after TSbyBS, and after the Atlantis episode The Hive.

Secrets No More 60 KB
A Sentinel/Stargate Atlantis and SG1 crossover, sequel to Ask No Questions, Take No Side. Set Atlantis Season 3 (SG1 Season 10). Rodney needs Carter's help, but all is not as it seems.

Moving On 105 KB  NEW
A Sentinel/Stargate: Atlantis crossover, set in Atlantis Season 3 (after 'Irresponsible'). Jim and Blair decide to move on.  Meanwhile, someone is out for revenge.



The RTA Series

Just Another RTA 11 KB
Simon waits in the hospital for news.

What's in a Name 4 KB
Sequel to 'Just Another RTA'. Just a bit of fluff about the car names.

Valentine Jokes 5 KB
Sequel to What's in a Name - another bit of fluff about car names.




A Few Seconds 5 KB
AU - an accident changes Blair's life forever. NOT a death story.

A Minute ticks by 4 KB
Sequel to A Few Seconds. Blair's a little depressed.

The First Hour 5 KB
Sequel to A Minute ticks by.

24 Little Hours 6 KB
Final part of my AU. Blair goes camping with Jim, Simon and Daryl.



Favorite Angst Writer


Ask No Questions, Take No Side