Mending Fences Series:
This series deals with the aftermath of TSbyBS.

Outburst 8 KB

Repentance 18 KB

Reconciliation 25 KB

Clearing the Air 21 KB

Meeting of Minds 22 KB

Another Side of the Story 18 KB



Little Boy Jim series:
Series of short stories in which Jim has been brain damaged in a car wreck.

Discoveries 7 KB
A child-like Jim shares a discovery.

Decisions 8 KB
Blair makes a decision about the child-like Jim's custody.

Judge 30 KB
The custody battle for a child-like Jim Ellison goes before a judge.



Stand-alone stories:

Relapse 23 KB
On Blair's sick-bed Jim and his father come to an understanding.

Intercepting the Arrow 4 KB
Missing scene for Sentinel Too.

From the Ashes 155 KB
Blair's past comes back to haunt him.

What the Future May Hold 38 KB
Sometimes the future is not as we expected it to be.

The Weekly Press Conference 13 KB
A not too happy continuation of TSbyBS.

Best Man 20 KB
Just a little post BSbyTS snippet.

Last Gift 48 KB
A few years in the future. Please read the warning.