The Wizard and the Sentinel - Blair's little secret 21 KB
Sirius Black is in Cascade and naturally Jim is trying to catch the killer. But how does Blair know Black and why is he helping him?

A Sentinel at Hogwarts:

Owlpost 19 KB
An owl with a letter, an invitation and the question how to explain a Sentinel in Hogwarts...

Visit at Diagon Alley 18 KB
Jim's first real confrontation with the wonderful world of witchcraft and wizardry and the strangest shopping trip ever (at least for him).

Hogwarts-Express 19 KB
The trip to Hogwarts and the first meeting between Blair and Jim and Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Hogwarts 38 KB
They're at Hogwarts now and Jim is about to experience that he was right in his conviction: with Blair around things can allways get weirder...

Lessons 39 KB
The first day, complete with confrontations with pupils and ghosts.

The Spirits You Have Summoned 33 KB
A Portrait is annoyed, Harry, Ron and Hermione get into trouble and Draco gets lost...and a spirit gets angry.


Outtakes 13 KB
Do you really expect me to give a summary for outtakes? :-)

Outtakes 2 18 KB
The insanity continues.



Werewolf in Cascade 48 KB
First in the Werewolf-Series. Blair hides a big secret from Jim.

Werewolf in Cascade part 2 59 KB
Second part. Another murder happens and two FBI-agents cause trouble.