Official Partners - The Early Years

Mothers and their Officer Sons 19 KB
Blair has made his decision but Naomi is determined to express her dissatisfaction clearly to his boss.

Sentinel Sensitivities 15 KB
Risks abound for a Sentinel, even in the safety of their home and Blair is determined to protect Jim from those hidden dangers.

The Touch 50 KB
Nonverbal communication between Sentinel and Guide can be difficult in the 'closed society' of a police department.

Making the Team 65 KB
A sick Blair doesn't want to miss his first chance to take the lead in an investigation requiring his particular areas of expertise.

Becoming A Cop
Part 1 - Idealistic Cop
74 KB
During a busy week, Sandburg implements his academy training trying to be what he considers the 'ideal' cop

Part 2 - Realistic Cop 72 KB
Blair and the MC crew face the emotional repercussions of his having to take a life in the line of duty.

Part 3 - Holistic Cop 128 KB
Blair discovers a new ability.

The Gift Of Youth 75 KB
Naomi gives a most unusual gift to Blair on his '30th' birthday. Milestones of a different nature are also reached by others.

The Hamantaschen Defense 105 KB
Blair's joy in obtaining his Ph.D. is muted by an unusual problem at work.

Toxic Legacy 97 KB
Jim learns some details about his 'Genetic Advantages', but they don't appear particularly advantageous.

Gimme Shelter 105 KB
A 'cold case' investigation requires a trip into a bygone era with Naomi; the partners adapt to life in separate living quarters after Blair moves next door.

Negative Energy 76 KB
In the aftermath of a stolen election, two disappointed Sandburgs participate in obtaining justice on other planes of existence.

Give Until It Hurts 86 KB  NEW
Jim's sensory differences are interfering with his work and prompt Blair to reconsider his career choices during a tough case. Follows my story, "Negative Energy" but can stand alone.




Let Me Tell You Who I Am 9 KB 

A Doll's House 17 KB
Gen Halloween story, rated PG for odd goings-on; also serving as a belated entry for Sentinel Thursday's Challenge #187, "Supernatural"

Gift Exchange 19 KB 
A Holiday Fic from my Secret Santa offerings.

Be It Resolved That... 14 KB 
Written for the Sentinel Thursday prompt of 'Five Resolutions'.



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