Sentinel Con. 39 KB
Jim and Blair meet other sentinels and guides.

Cascade Con. 57 KB
Sequel to Sentinel Con.

The International Law Enforcement Conference 35 KB
On a conference, Jim and Blair meet another sentinel and guide pair.

Sense Ability 97 KB
Jim turns the tables on Blair and observes the observer for a change. At first it seems to be a quiet time at the University.

Graduation 35 KB
Jim gets to watch some training lessons at the Academy.

Knit one, purloin 11 KB
Blair uses an unusal talent to help solve a case.

What can I say? 13 KB
Another unusal talent from Blair.

What can I say...Second Verse 15 KB
Blair is helping some students and Major Crime gains some insight.

The Alley 20 KB
A bad experience for Daryl and an understanding between Simon and Blair.

First Times 9 KB
Some officers remember the first time they met Blair.

Observations & Hair Cuts 34 KB
Major Crimes gets two observers.

Taggert Says 10 KB
A bit of weirdness.

Rafe Says 13 KB
More weirdness.

Apache 56 KB
What's with Blair's comment that he flew Apaches in Desert Storm?

Tell No One 43 KB
Something bad happens at the monastery the guys visited in Vow Of Silence.

Instincts 59 KB
A few of the guys go camping. Do they ever get a break?

The Longest Journey Begins... 106 KB
The longest journey begins with a single step.

Brain Drain 96 KB
Jim is undercover on a case and Blair is in trouble.

Teddy's Imp 137 Kb
After the guys get injured during a case, Blair has to take care of Jim in a way he would have never imagined.

Ghost Story 16 KB
A few years later the guys are still helping the tribe; it's just a different sort.

Ghost Story 2 61 KB
Blair returns to Cascade.

Confiscated 154 KB
Relations between Sentinel and Guide are strained and help comes from an unexpected source.

White Falls 44 KB
Blair learns some unexpected news.

White Falls 2 48 KB
Sequel to White Falls. Who tries to kill Blair?

Fountains of Flowers 7 KB NEW
It just struck me as kind of amusing so I wrote itů



The Tommy series:

New York 183 KB
This is slightly AU. First in a series of stories that could stand alone.

Cascade 152 KB
Second part in the AU series. The guys come back to Cascade.

Glimpses 66 KB
Third part in the Tommy series. Little snippets over the first few months in Cascade.

Wilderness 87 KB
Jim and Blair have to testify in a city outside of Cascade. Their return-trip doesn't go smooth.

Life 85 KB
Blair recovers from his knee injury and Jim receives some surprising news.

Trials 116 KB
Someone threatens the children, sending Sentinel and Guide into a desperate chase.

Moments 84 KB
A series of moments over the next few months. The last one in this series for now.

Fast Forward 58 KB
We're going ahead in time a few years.

Mother Love 95 KB
Clare's mother makes a reappearance.

Blair and Tommy go to a conference. As Jim and Clare arrive to join them, Blair is missing.

Past Demons 86 KB
Past enemies come back to haunt Sentinel and Guide.



The Simon says series:
A few thoughts of Simon. Based on the story Graduation.

Worth It 16 KB

Three a.m. 10 KB

How many does it take... 7 KB

Pet hate 5 KB

And Finally... 7 KB

Electronic Bottle 19 KB
Jim tries to do something about negative comments at the station.