Jim asking if the guys are his release. tired.wav
Simon: "Welcome to Cascade." welcome.wav
Jim asking about a leave of absence and Simon asking him if he's nuts. nuts.wav
Simon telling Jim to get back to work because he wants an arrest. arrest.wav
Jim explaining to Simon that he's losing control of his senses. control.wav
Jim telling Simon: All I know is I can't do my job this way. So either you grant me a leave or I'll take one." leave.wav
The hospital scene, Blair introducing himself as Dr. McCay. hospital.wav
Hospital, the real Dr. McCoy telling Jim that they didn't find anything. mccoy.wav
Blair explaining about the nurse faxing him Jim's file and himself thinking: 'Bang!, Holy Grail time.' grail.wav
Blair introducing himself and referring to Jim as a throwback to a precivilized breed of man. throwback.wav
Jim throwing Blair against the wall and calling him a 'neo hippie witch doctor punk'. punk.wav
Blair calling Jim Joe Friday. friday.wav
Blair explaining about Burton's Sentinel theory. sentinel.wav
"You could be the real thing." real.wav
"That really sucked, man." sucked.wav
Blair explaining about the zone-out factor. blinders.wav
Blair calling Jim a human crime lab with organic surveillance equipment. crimelab.wav
Blair asking Jim what the girl is saying about him. radarup.wav
Blair climbing up the tree. tree.wav
Blair telling Jim that he's parking in a no parking zone. kojak.wav
Einding scene: From Joel asking Jim if he knows this guy (Blair) to Blair stating that he's not cutting his hair. tag.wav

The Spirit Guide telling Jim: "Now is the time to make a choice.                                   choice.wav

Jim telling Blair that he shot a security guard. shot.wav
Jim asking Blair about Janet and Blair asking Jim what kind of dog he thinks he is. tableleg.wav
Blair telling Jim it's all psychosomatic and asking him to let himself off the hook. problem.wav
Blair telling Jim that he never thought he'd see the day Jim'd throw out the book. book.wav
Incacha calling Blair's music earth music. earth.wav
Jim: "He said a sentinel will always be a sentinel -- if he chooses to be." always.wav
Jim asking Blair what's bugging him and Blair admitting that he's been stalling on his dissertation. talk.wav
Blair and Jim talking after they found Janet's body in the garage. garage.wav
Incacha passing over the way of the shaman to Blair. shaman.wav
Jim demanding respect for Incacha's body and Blair asking him to calm down. respect.wav
The guys on the rooftop. Blair demanding Jim's attention and cooperation. rooftop.wav
The conversation with the Spirit Guide: "What do you fear?" fear.wav
Tag: Jim is the Sentinel of the great city, Blair joking about being the Shaman of the great city. greatcity.wav

Blind Man's Bluff  
Blair asking Jim what's wrong. eyes.wav
The doctor telling Jim that he can find no obvious neurological or traumatic injury to his eyes.                      light.wav
Simon telling Jim that he's off active duty. duty.wav
Blair explaining about bat echoes. batecho.wav
Jim asking what will happen if his vision doesn't come back. will.wav
In the garage: Blair firing a wild shot and Jim asking Simon to let him talk to Blair. garage1.wav
The garage scene. Blair telling Jim about the golden firepeople. Jim trying to help him. firepeople.wav
Hospital: Simon asking Jim how Blair is. fading.wav