Treasure Hunt 110 KB
An old friend of Blair's sends him a package which leads both him and Jim on a dangerous hunt for a long lost Incan treasure.

Angel of Mine 30 KB
When Naomi is critically injured in a car crash, Jim must find Blair before it's too late.

The Art of Self Preservation 18 KB
Blair has a date. What could possibly go wrong?

Dreamscape 83 KB
A suicide at Rainier is the catalyst for a bizarre drug case that makes them question who they can really trust.

The More Things Change 68 KB
Blair’s first case as an "official" member of Major Crimes concerns a death which is seemingly connected to a cult practicing ancient Peruvian rituals.

Milk Run 67 KB
A simple transport of a federal witness goes bad, leaving Jim and Blair on the run from a mob hitman.

Beneath the Surface 123 KB
Blair is on an excavation in the New Mexico desert. He finds something you wouldn't expect on a dig.

Forest For the Trees 48 KB
The guys are after an escaped prisoner.



Co-written With Shycat

Disciplined Breakdown 111 KB
When a popular highschool athlete is found dead, it's up to Jim and Blair to determine who are the suspects and who are the victims.

Into the Black 58 KB
Halloween insanity.

Southern Hospitality 111 KB
Blair's trip to visit an old friend is interrupted by tragedy and deception. When he finds incriminating evidence against the local police, it's up to Jim to make sure his friend doesn't become gator bait.



Co-written With Anne Roquemore

3 Way Mirror 240 KB
Following the events of Sentinel, Too, Jim and Blair get a visit from a concerned friend who helps them gain perspective on a puzzling case as well as their own relationship.

Soul Eaters 167 KB
Synopsis: After the events of Blind Man's Bluff, Jim and Blair go on a vacation in the Northern Cascades; only, as usual, the vacation doesn't go as planned and Blair suddenly finds himself the only person able to save Jim's life…and soul.


Faux Paws Productions

5 Point Shot
The death of Rainier's star sophomore forward takes Blair back to the University and his former colleagues. Orvelle Wallace, now head coach, asks Jim and Blair to investigate the kid's death.

Jim goes on a date and stays out past his bedtime, Blair hitches a ride and gets lost, and Simon may have to change his name to Benedict Arnold. Who's behind the plot to destroy Cascade's finest?

Murder in General
After responding to a call, Blair starts to doubt his effectiveness as a police officer while Jim tries to find out who killed a suspect right under his nose.